About us

Currently Eastern Suburbs Anaesthetics comprises fourteen specialist anaesthetists who have completed their higher training in approved institutions and are all registered in NSW and recognised by the NSW Specialist Recognition Board. Many anaesthetists have multiple degrees eg paediatrics, pharmacy etc

Our doctors are accredited at many public and private hospitals and day surgical centres including: :

  • Prince of Wales Hospital
  • Prince of Wales Private Hospital
  • Royal Hospital for Women
  • Sydney Children's Hospital
  • Sydney Hospital
  • St Luke's Hospital
  • Canada Bay Private Hospital
  • Hurstville
  • Maroubra Day Surgery

All anaesthetists in this practice are highly qualified and skilled specialist doctors. We have undergone extensive training and have passed a rigorous set of postgraduate examinations. Our training and experience allows us to offer you state of the art treatment associated with most surgical procedures. Anaesthetic care may include all or some of the following.

  • General anaesthesia
  • Sedation anaesthesia
  • Local and regional anaesthesia including nerve blocks
  • Pain management both after your operation and in other areas
  • Management of your health before, during and immediately after surgery as an integral member of the perioperative team
  • Resuscitation in emergencies

Our doctors are all involved in continuing medical education to maintain personal knowledge and skills as established in the Australian College of Anaesthetists Maintenance of Professional Standards Program. Most are involved in teaching of colleagues, registrars, students, and nursing and paramedical staff.

The anaesthetists in this practice participate in educational and quality improvement activities to ensure and review the quality of patient care.

We contribute to activities of professional associations, hospital committees, and other relevant organisations. We may also participate in research, reviews and teaching, in matters relevant to anaesthesia, pain medicine, resuscitation and intensive care.