Anaesthetics and You

What is an Anaesthetist?

An Anaesthetist is a specialist doctor. After completing a general medical degree, your anaesthetist has completed at least a further five year specialty training program and passed the examinations of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists. Recognition as an Anaesthetist is granted by the Commonwealth Government.

An Anaesthetist will provide general anaesthesia, regional anaesthesia and sedation anaesthesia for patients undergoing various operative and diagnostic procedures.

As well as pre-operative assessment and intra-operative management, the anaesthetist will also oversee post-operative supervision and pain management.

Therefore, an Anaesthetist is a highly trained physician who puts you into a state of carefully controlled unconsciousness during surgery, so that it will be painless. During your operation, the anaesthetist constantly monitors you, as the drugs used for local and general anaesthesia can affect other bodily functions and ensures that you experience as little pain and discomfort after your surgery.

Please read the brochure Anaesthesia and You which has been prepared by the Australian Society of Anaesthetists to help you understand more about your anaesthetic.

View the Anaesthesia and You brochure.

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